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MetaMine Tokenomics

MetaMine Tokenomics

What is tokenomics?

Tokenomics is the topic of understanding the supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrency. In the traditional economy, economists monitor the issuance of a currency using official money supply data. Tokenomics is the portmanteau of ‘token’ and ‘economics’. The term defines the interaction between various blockchain and decentralized technologies.

When theoretically perfect, a game’s tokenomics align the motivations of various parties; from creating a profit for a developer, in a simple model, all the way to being the defining aspect of fully decentralized and autonomous projects with millions of participants and billions of dollars in market capitalization.

In crypto games we are aligning the motivations of these developers, players and investors – all of whom may take distinct profits from the running of a single game. However, it is increasingly clear that these roles are complex and blurred: Players become investors, investors may also develop aspects of the game and so on. So we can consider each participant as having a quotient of each motivation, similar to Bartle types.

Why Is Tokenomics Important?

In the short run supply and demand alone determine market prices. If we believe that to be true and that it applies to crypto assets using blockchain technology as well as the stock market, then understanding the factors that will impact either supply or demand are of vital importance to both speculators and investors.

In which case, there are a number of factors to consider when looking at crypto tokenomics. Perhaps the most important is to understand how the digital currency will be used. Is there a clear link between usage of the platform or service being built and the asset? If there is, there is a strong chance that a growing service will require purchases and usage that ultimately helps to increase the price. If there is not, what can the token be used for?

MetaMine Tokenomics

MetaMine is a DeFi and GameFi cryptocurrency company designed for the Metaverse. MTM is the native token of MetaMine Metaverse. The Metaverse is a new buzzword that refers to an alternate world powered by augmented reality, representing the real world where people can socialize, work, play, and earn.

Use MTM to exchange items and other assets with other players, or on market place.

The ecosystem is developed with various value-added utilities designed to provide continuous funding to the MetaMine economy to optimize sustainable scalability and maximize value for holders.

The MetaMine Metaverse has launched on the Binance smart chain to give us full flexibility over the process, enabling us to create the best possible distribution of tokens that supports the economy long term.

Token Distribution

The total circulation of MTM Token is 720 million, which will not increase.

MetaMine Tokenomics

These MTM tokens will be distributed according to the chart shown above over the next five years. Of this total supply, what’s noteworthy is that 86 million MTM tokens will be reserved for the MetaMine developer team.

Gamified Rewards

Through the use of gamification techniques, stakeholders will be rewarded through the enjoyment of the Metaverse platform, creating a self-sustaining system for community expansion.

15% of MTM tokens use in game rewards. This allows MetaMine players to vote for future MetaMine Metaverse governance proposals and participate in metaverse events that yield even more MTM token returns.

MetaMine Governance

The MetaMine was designed from the ground up as the foundation for a new digital economy. An economy that is owned and governed by its participants.

In addition to being the native in-game currency, MTM token will also be used for participation in decentralized voting. Voting with your MTM will be incentivized, and many proposals will include aspects like development, operations, and optimization of the game itself.

Ready to get enter the MetaMine Metaverse and explore its MTM tokens?