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What Is Crypto Game? How to play a crypto game?

What Is Crypto Game? How to play a crypto game?

Crypto games (Blockchain-based) and Play to Earn games enable players to receive cryptocurrencies as rewards from within the home by selling in-game items in open markets.

Digital currency-based games have established themselves around the world, and many have been able to establish themselves as an alternative and sustainable source of revenue.

Play to Earn games are great opportunities for both game developers and gamers, and allow both to interact and make a profit. Companies design platforms in which players can play, develop, and trade, and players earn money for their participation.

How crypto gaming works?

Play to Earn games are easy to access, and these crypto games are available on Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Users only need a crypto wallet to attach it to the game. This wallet must be compatible with the blockchain on which the game is running.

Play to Earn games allow gamers to earn money in two ways:

Earn in-game cash rewards

NFT Tokens Trading

Earn in-game:

crypto games that use in-game rewards allow gamers to monetize the activities they participate in while playing the game. This means that the more you play, the more tokens you get.

At the end of the game, the gamer can transfer the amount of Token that has been rewarded to a wallet.

NFT Tokens Trading:

Buying and selling NFT tokens is another way of earning money from blockchain games.

This method is familiar to many gamers; Because in the old games, they had to buy items such as weapons, power and things like that to use their avatars in the game. These items are also present in metaverse and blockchain games; The difference is that in these games you can earn money by buying and selling them. It is possible to trade these items outside the game space.


Crypto games and the digital economy

Making money for gamers is now a proven fact; But for those who do not have much time to play games or do not do it professionally, crypto games can be a real opportunity to earn money and increase profits.

Crypto games (blockchain based games) are the same as video games; The difference is that during the game, from the entry stage (in some games) to get rewards to win battles or buy and sell and exchange these rewards to go to the next stages, cryptocurrencies are used. Crypto games come in a variety of styles, including RPG, strategy, action, first person, or even card, and players can earn tokens, individually or in groups.

Crypto games on the blockchain

The gaming industry is one of the areas that has been greatly influenced by the blockchain revolution and has greatly changed its nature. Until now, the game was just for fun, and gamers only did it because they were interested in playing; But recently there has been a field called “Play to Earn” which, as its name implies, is a way to earn money.

Crypto games reward gamers for the time they spend and the success they achieve in the game. Sometimes gamers’ income from these games is so high that it becomes their first job.