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What is the sandbox game and how to play it?

What is the sandbox game and how to play it

With the increase of online games in recent years, a world of new features and opportunities for gamers and users interested in gaming has emerged. The Sandbox is a play-to-earn game that allow users to collect crypto and NFTs that can be sold on the game market. It combines blockchain technology, DeFi, and NFTs in a 3D metaverse.

The combination of blockchain and metaverse is two hot topics in today’s world of cryptocurrencies. Sandbox is one of the trend games of 2022. The structure and design of this¬† crypto game is very similar to the famous Minecraft and Factorio games. But what makes Sandbox unique is the Play to Earn feature.

How to Play the Sandbox Metaverse Game?

There are a few important components that all players should know about in The Sandbox.

Players can build and create their own NFTs, including avatars, virtual goods, and even games using VoxEdit and Game Maker. Not only can they use the virtual goods to interact with other players, but they can also monetize these NFTs by trading on the Sandbox Marketplace.

Sandbox VoxEdit

VoxEdit is a Voxel editing tool developed by Sandbox developers. This tool enables game artists and designers to design their own voxel assets and make NFT for the Sandbox. Voxels are 3D images that are designed of humans, animals, vehicles, nature, tools, and items. In the language of the sandbox game, these voxels are called assets. After making voxels, designers can transfer them from the editor to the sandbox market and sell them as unique tokens (NFTs). Users also buy these NFTs and play with them. It should be noted that the standard for sandbox NFT tokens is ERC-1155, which is a technical feature for writing NFT smart contracts in the ethereum network.

Sandbox Game Maker

Game Maker lets users build and test their unique 3D games within the Sandbox metaverse. This software is free. You do not need coding knowledge because of providing visual script tools. Users can design and organize different elements and objects, including the NFTs created with VoxEdit, in an environment called LAND.

What is the sandbox game and how to play it

The Sandbox Marketplace

Sandbox Marketplace is also a platform where designers and game developers sell their assets. But before that, they have to upload their production Voxel and games to a decentralized, interplanetary file distribution system (IPPS). This allows the NFTs to be stored in a decentralized manner and then registered in the blockchain to prove ownership. Once this process is complete, the items are placed on the market as assets.

What is SAND token?

The SAND token was introduced in August 2020 on the Binance trading platform. Sandbox (SAND) is the native token of The Sandbox. It is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 3 billion SAND.

SAND is used to perform any type of transaction and interaction within The Sandbox ecosystem. This means that players need to own SAND to play the game, customize their avatars, buy LANDs, or trade ASSETS on the Sandbox Marketplace.